The Wienermobile

To be honest, I never thought I’d ever see such a thing in my lifetime. I wasn’t planning to find it. I went to our local grocery store looking for sodas to stock the refrigerator in my home office. I get out of my car, put on my mask, and what do I suddenly see sitting out there? The weinermobile. Yes, the official Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, the one and only novelty truck shaped like a giant hot dog, traveling all over the USA. All of these were shot on an iPhone 12 using the ProCam app to do RAW format … Continue reading The Wienermobile


Shot on a camera I now own with a fascinating family history, not by me, but by my grandfather in the early 70s. Back then doing slides was the en vogue thing to do when you traveled. Dated 1974, I can only assume my grandparents were traveling somewhere where traffic was an issue and Grandma was driving. Today we have Facebook albums for travel photos. Even before I was born, I think they probably thought they should shoot photos, not each other. Continue reading Traffic


For better or for worse, and unfortunately the past decade it’s mainly been for worse, I still love America. A windy day walking around the neighborhood, shot on Kodak Pro Image 100 film. I’m not overly fond of Kodak film. It’s okay film, but I’ve always been much happier with the color of Fuji film. But, it’s all subjective I suppose. As far as development goes, I know the guy that does it. He gives me a good deal (Developed by me using Unicolor C-41 chemistry in my hall bathroom). On the American Independence Day, I give you our flag. … Continue reading USA


I have multiple computers that I use for photography editing. As a person with a technical background, one would not assume any differently. But there is one computer that has been ailing for quite some time – the desktop in my “man-cave,” where the nerdiest of nerdy activities take place. The holiest of places known as the “temple of man” as well. It seems appropriate that this posting goes live near Father’s day as I inherited this Dell Studio XPS 7100 from my dad about 4 years ago when he chose to upgrade to other things. There wasn’t much in … Continue reading Franken-Dell

The Analog Spring

So, you haven’t seen anything about film for months and you’re wondering why all the digital things? The film hasn’t gone anywhere. But there is one truth that even the most analog purists do not want to embrace – all images in modern times end up digital, even if they didn’t start off that way. If you say you’re pure analog on facebook or twitter, then go and post some of your analog pictures, think about that for a second. You have a film negative. You want to show it to people, or you want to get it printed. What … Continue reading The Analog Spring

Sideways II

Originally posted as a black and white shot some time ago, I wondered what it would be like as a color shot – the advantage of doing things digitally. Troubled times are as real now as they were a year and a half ago when this was shot. Ironically, the condemned and abandoned building where this was found is completely gone now. Shoot photos, not each other. Continue reading Sideways II