I have multiple computers that I use for photography editing. As a person with a technical background, one would not assume any differently. But there is one computer that has been ailing for quite some time – the desktop in my “man-cave,” where the nerdiest of nerdy activities take place. The holiest of places known […]

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The last of the tulips in our front yard – now history as we’ve hit the scorching 100 degree (or 37C for our European visitors) heat of summer. Shoot photos, not each other!

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The Analog Spring

So, you haven’t seen anything about film for months and you’re wondering why all the digital things? The film hasn’t gone anywhere. But there is one truth that even the most analog purists do not want to embrace – all images in modern times end up digital, even if they didn’t start off that way. […]

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Sideways II

Originally posted as a black and white shot some time ago, I wondered what it would be like as a color shot – the advantage of doing things digitally. Troubled times are as real now as they were a year and a half ago when this was shot. Ironically, the condemned and abandoned building where […]

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What did you think this was going to be? Shoot photos, not each other.

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On the Scene

I get home and there’s a row of fire trucks for a house one street over. The opportunity to photograph was irresistible. There were no injuries and all is well. Shoot photos, not each other!

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On some level, an expression of inner conflict. The same tulip as the Rainfire post – except we had a freakish cold front and snow blow through. Shoot photos, not each other.

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Severe thunderstorm warnings all around, and I go outside and get this picture in our front yard after it all passes over. It’s springtime in America! Shoot photos, not each other.

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