Puddle of Fluff

This little guy, shot in June of 2010 and gone over the Rainbow Bridge in January of 2014, is Mr. Bailey. I would learn later that previous owners thought he was a female and chose the name Bailey. Later in life, when the “male parts” were visible, rather than change the name, they just put a “Mr.” on the front of it. For my wife and I, it was our first pet as a married couple. For me, he was the first pet. I still miss the little guy, but as can be seen here, he begrudgingly allowed me to … Continue reading Puddle of Fluff


Originally shot 15 years ago (2/26/2006) on a strangely warm winter Sunday morning in the small town of Appleton City, Missouri, USA. The entire town was completely deserted, not a soul for miles. I’ve actually published some of these photos before, but I initially imagined them as artistic black and white shots. I love black and white, but having come out of cataract surgery last year, I have exponentially improved visualizations of color. With that, black and white just doesn’t seem right if it’s not done on true silver black and white film. Reimagining art in color is an extremely … Continue reading Unurban

Editing Gear Salvage

It has occured to me that I share photography and I review things. I have also touched on some of my processes – how I process film and so forth. I have multiple computers that I use for photos and other things, but I have also salvaged gear as well. We’ve seen the Pentax lens that I disassembled, cleaned fungus out of with vinegar and alcohol, and reassembled over the course of several weeks for one dollar. I wanted to share with the audience a salvage that I’m uniquely proud of. I also wanted to touch on gear that I … Continue reading Editing Gear Salvage

Peaceful Transition

Shot in the summer of 2001, we’re actually looking at the very early George W. Bush white house here. Using a 300mm zoom lens, I am considerably farther away than I appear to be. The sun was shining and it was sweltering hot. As an American I am not proud of the events of January 6, and I surely don’t condone it. As a former Washingtonian for a full decade of my formative years, it hurts just that much more to see places that I visited so often looted with multiple people killed for no good reason at all. For … Continue reading Peaceful Transition